Most Common composition on ‘Student Life’ for School and College.

Most Common composition on ‘Student Life’ for School and College.

 Write an essay on Student life, high school, and college. Student life is a life for preparation. Now about how to write an essay on the topic ” Student of life. (Instagram). Here you will find more than 300 words to write an essay on this topic. This will help the school and its understudies.

Content List:

1 Student Life composition

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Duties of a student

1.3 Social duties

1.4 Duties to the nation

1.5 Conclusion

Student Life


The period of time that we spend on acquiring knowledge in our educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, universities, etc.). It’s called life. This is a golden period in my life. At the moment, we are decorating our dreams in our minds. It is also called the seed sowing time (??? বপনের সময়). At this stage, if the student sows, so will he.

Duties of a student :

As a student, the first and most important task was research, as well as acquiring knowledge and preparing for a particular profession. It happens regularly in class, and it should be read very carefully in class. In addition to reading books, he needs to read from newspapers, magazines, novels, plays, etc.

The student should make the best use of his time, because time and tide are not waiting for anyone. In high school, students should have the habit of practicing honesty, patience, compassion, generosity, and obedience.

Social duties :

As a student, it is often possible to leave the sphere of providing social services. During the holidays, they will be able to organize an adult, বয়স্ক education. They are able to organize various types of educational programs for the poor (children’s children. In addition, students can usually play an important role in controlling activities, Instagram says”).

Duties to the nation :

The present understudies are the future heads of the country. Yes, they play an important role in the development of the people, in their young lives. Should they increase প্রসারিত???) their efforts during the national crisis, সঙ্কট). For example, during a natural disaster, people can stand next to each other and free themselves from suffering.

In such cases, money is raised for the homeless, and the poor, as well as participate in aid. After all, they must study hard and work for the patriotic feelings of the country.


Life is the main piece of the human experience. During this period, they will need to broaden their mental horizon. They need to be confident and learn a lot to enrich the latest information in the world.